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Avocado Toast Marketing believes that well-crafted copywriting can elevate your brand, establish trust, engage your audience and earn you money. We serve small businesses and creative entrepreneurs by developing direct response copy wherever words are needed, including writing web copy, email marketing, course materials and much more. Certified experts in Direct Response Copywriting, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing Strategy, your branding experience will be elevated with bespoke words from Avocado Toast Marketing. You can contact Cara directly at: cara@avocadotoastmarketing.com or through her website: www.avocadotoastmarketing.com

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B E F O R E  T E X T :

Joanna Martin graduated from Cal State University Fullerton and is
 passionate about holistic nutrition, health + yoga for over a decade.
 Shortly after graduating, she decided to return to school to pursue
 her passion and continue her education with a Masters in
 Nutritional counseling. She graduated with honors. She also has
 completed over 200-hour yoga teaching training certification on
 the Big Island of Hawaii. Joanna teaches her clients how to eat
 based on their own individual bodies needs. She has a food
 philosophy that focuses on nourishing your SOUL {seasonal +
 organic + unprocessed + local] foods. Work with Jo to nourish
 your body and soul and reach your goals. Besides studying holistic
 nutrition and working with clients, Joanna enjoys adventures and
 hiking with her beloved rescue dog-child, Preston, and cooking.

I M P R O V E D   T E X T :

I want to help you learn how to live a holistic lifestyle that will
 nourish your body and soul! With over 10 years of experience in
 helping people transform their relationship to food (and also their
 bodies), I have discovered what I believe is the fountain of youth.
 Wanna know the secret? Here it is...the secret is learning how to
 nourish your body and SOUL with Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed
 and Local foods. I believe that once informed, and given the
 proper tools, anyone can live a holistic lifestyle and reap the
 benefits of looking and feeling their absolute best. 

With a Master's Degree in Nutritional Counseling from Cal State
 Fullerton and as a certified yoga instructor, I work to combine
 these disciplines to bring about a realistic nutrition and exercise
 plan customized just for you. Your plan takes a holistic approach to
 your life and goals and will nourish both your body and your soul.
 I will not only teach you how to change your lifestyle, but I'll be
 by your side cheering you on every step of the way!

I'm 100% sold on this lifestyle. But don't be fooled, I'm not all
 work and no play. When I'm not experimenting in the kitchen to
 find the most delicious new recipes, I love hiking in the foothills
 with my rescue pup, Preston, and planning my next world travel

Let's adventure into this new lifestyle together! You in?