How To Choose A Business Name - Blog Entry

Here is a guide on how to come up with a name for your business.

So you've got a great idea for a business, but need to figure out a name. You don't know where to start
 because it's such a big and permanent decision. Sure you can re-brand in a few years if it no longer
 suits you, but then you have to legally change your company name, get a new logo, website and
 branding. Better to do it right the first time. So to help you find a name, I have put together some tips
 on picking a good one.

1. Start brainstorming! 
Create a sheet of possible names, even the one's in the back of your mind you think are ridiculous.
 These might spur great ideas later on. Write down everything that relates to your business and your
 brand, terms, supplies, feelings. Once you come up with a whole list of terms, you can start crossing
 off your least favorite ones. 

2. Use a Thesaurus!
Sometimes it can be tough to think up ideas, use your list of terms in a thesaurus website
 like  to come up with more unique ways to say what you are thinking. You can
 find all sorts of words relating to your particular service that you may not have thought of before.

3. Less is More
You should avoid choosing a name that is too long, as it will be hard to turn it into a functional logo,
 the website address will be too long, and it could be hard to remember. Under 20 characters is ideal,
 make it easy to pronounce, and avoid hyphens and unusual spellings, If anything on your list is too long, 
cross it out and see if the thesaurus can provide you with a shorter alternative.

4. Get Creative!
It is important that your name is unique, cross out anything on your list that is already a business.
 Even if the other business is a different category altogether, there's enough names to go around.
 Better to not have any confusion.

5. Is it Available?
Once your list is narrowed down, make sure it is available on whatever platforms you intend to use
 for marketing. Domain name availability can be checked here: you should also
 check Etsy if you intend to sell there, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc... to see if the name is
 already taken or established elsewhere. Also I would do a google search to see what businesses

6. Still Stuck? Get Weird
If you are still stuck there's a few more ways you can come up with a name. Be abstract: Pick an
 abstract name that doesn't pertain to anything, it's ok if it doesn't relate to what your business actually
 does, the logo can, and the branding can. Monarch, Lululemon, Apple, Google, Shell, Lacoste, are
 all examples of companies with abstract names that have succeeded. You can always coin a new
 name or word that doesn't currently exist, such as Skype or Uber. Or try some of your terms in other
 languages, for instance the word "ZARA" means seed in Hebrew. Nike is the Greek goddess of

7. Weird not for you? Be Direct
Pick a name that describes exactly what your business does. Examples: Canadian Imperial Bank of
 Commerce (CIBC), Uptown Mattress Direct, The Children's Place, Netflix, Burger King, Petsmart.
 These are all names that pretty much state what they are.

8. Support System 
Ask your friends and family what they think of your narrowed down list of names. If you find they
 have trouble pronouncing anything, can't relate, or if another brand comes to mind for them, cross
 off any such terms. Keep in mind there favorites.  

Hopefully you should have what you need to come up with a stellar brand name, 
and relevant feedback from others to help you decide on the best name for your company. 
Good luck and I hope this helped!