Utilize Pinterest- Blog Entry

Use Pinterest to boost sales, direct traffic and grow your business.

You are all probably utilizing many of the free social media platforms available to you, Facebook and
  Instagram being the most popular tools for business, but I can tell you from professional experience,
  Pinterest is a huge market you are missing out on. After a year of researching where my clients web
 traffic is coming from, the average across e-commerce sites have been

40% Instagram, 40% Pinterest, 10% Facebook

and the rest a mish-mash or searches, blogs and most likely word of mouth.
That's a lot of exposure you are missing out on. And it's easier than any of the other platforms! Once
 it's setup, it takes no time at all!

Step 1. 
Go to your Pinterest settings and make your account a business, verify your website, and
 social media platforms, and add your website to your bio. Make sure your bio states what type of
 business you are, and your location. Total time 15 minutes.

Step 2. 
Have your board titles reflective of the products you sell. Make the rest secret.
Example, if you are a hair salon have boards for DIY hair masks, Favourite Products, Curls, Blondes,
 Short, Long, Redheads, etc... 
If you are a boutique, have boards such as Tops, Accessories, Dream Closet Inspo, Denim, Gifts etc...
Creating the boards is probably the most time consuming part, but it is only a one time job.

Step 3. 
Go to your website. Start pinning all the photos on there to their designated boards. Make sure
 they have captions that will make them discoverable. Pretty much just describe the photo. Go to your
  Instagram from a desktop and do the same. The first time you do this, may be a little time
 consuming, but after that it takes me 20 minutes a week to pin any new content from online shops
 and Instagram and done!