tammy swier / graphic designer / web designer / visual director

Design is my passion, I am most happy when I am creating.
Whether that be your new logo, website or building your brand; 
it is my hope that my work reflects the love I have for my profession.

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, spending the winters in the city 
and summers on a tiny island off the west coast. Inspiration always 
surrounded me; beach-combing, hiking, and in the advertising plastered 
everywhere downtown. Being raised on pristine untouched lands, then 
bouncing back to city life, has given me a well balanced view of the world. 

My love of art was realized early on, and my father, who worked in the 
art industry was able to provide me with the tools I needed to grow as an 
artist as well as exposure to all kinds of artists and creatives I would 
otherwise have never had. I spent my childhood drawing, every scribble 
I called "a design".When I got my first computer I soon learned I was a 
natural and it didn't take long for graphic design to find me organically. 

have been working in this field for the past ten years. Starting out 
at a publishing firm then making the leap to freelance after my first 
child was born in 2008. I currently work remotely from Alberta, Canada, 
where I live with my husband, and our two precious children. When 
am not designing, I spend as many days at the beach as possible,
adventure outdoors, do yoga, and play with our kids. While I work I 
drink copious amounts of green tea, listen to amazing music and get so
in the zone I have no sense of time. 
Life is good.